At Givecloud, nonprofits of any size should be able to delight their donors and build meaningful connections - not just those who can afford it.

And that's why we created Givecloud Express!

Givecloud Express allows your nonprofit to use Givecloud's powerful fundraising tools at no out-of-pocket expense. Givecloud Express users do not require to add a payment method and will never receive a bill!

Instead, your supporters are asked to help cover the fees associated with your online donations. Givecloud Express will collect the funds, ensuring your nonprofit has enough to cover your payment processing fees and allows us to continue to innovate and empower wonderful nonprofits like you!

Please keep in mind,

  • Your supporters will never be forced to cover the fees (a "no thanks" option is always present).

  • If your donor says "no thanks" to covering the fees, Givecloud Express is FREE.

So, How does the Givecloud Express billing & money collection work?

Givecloud Express will only collect money if your supporter agrees to cover the costs of the donation. The collection of funds happens automatically, in real time through Stripe, and the amount is deducted the moment the transaction settles.

You keep 100% of the intended donation. Givecloud Express will ensure the payment processing fee is covered, and then the remaining balance is allocated to Givecloud in the form of a platform fee.

You can review the platform fee deduction in Stripe under Fees > Application Fees.

Ok great! How does the calculation work, then?

Even though most nonprofits can negotiate great nonprofit rates from Stripe (as low as 2.2% + $0.30), Givecloud Express uses the industry-standard calculation to estimate Stripe fees.

  • All donations in your base currency: you keep 2.9% + $0.30

  • All donations in a foreign currency: you keep 3.9% + $0.30

What happens when the donor/ supporter doesn't cover the fees?

Givecloud Express will waive the fees. Your nonprofit keeps most of the intended donation, minus Stripe's processing fee.

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