When configuring your DonorPerfect settings, you can choose if contributions are synced to DonorPerfect using Multiple Individual Gifts or Split Gifts.

There are two options to choose from when deciding how you would like gifts to be created in DonorPerfect:

  1. Multiple Individual Gifts

    • When using "Multiple Individual Gifts", every line item in the contribution is pushed into DonorPerfect as a separate gift.

      • It is recommended to use "Multiple Individual Gifts" over "Split Gifts." We have found there are some shortcomings on the reporting side in DP with Split Gifts.

  2. Split Gifts

    • When using "Split Gifts", one master gift is created representing the total payment. Split gifts are created representing each individual line in the contribution.

      • Some things to consider with "Split Gifts":

        • Split gifts does not support split receipting. In DonorPerfect, tax receipting is done on the master gift, not on the individual split gifts. There could be multiple gifts under the master gift, and not all of the split gifts included could be receiptable. This will present issues with your tax receipting through DonorPerfect.

        • It is recommended to only use "Split Gifts" if ALL of your gifts being synced to DonorPerfect are receiptable.

        • Canadian organizations are discouraged from using "Split Gifts" as it may not meet tax receipting requirements in Canada if specific rules are not followed.

        • With Split Gifts, these are the fields that are automatically set on the main gift in DonorPerfect:

          • donor_id

          • record_type

          • gift_date

          • amount

          • currency

          • reference

          • gift_narrative

          • transaction_id

          • user_id, receipt

          • UDFs (User Defined Fields)

        • These fields are set to 'SEE_SPLIT' on the main gift:

          • campaign

          • gl_code

          • solicit_code

          • sub_solicit_code

          • gift_type

          • ty_letter_no

        • These fields are not set on the main gift:

          • rcpt_type

          • acknowledgepref

          • rcpt_deliveryg

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