What is Causemos?

Causemos is the first ever impact focused fundraising tool. It’s been designed specifically for what donors demand.

  • Impact

  • Transparency

  • Simplicity

  • Engaging

The Causemos Solution

Every best practice in digital fundraising jammed into one revolutionary new experience.

🚀 Impact

  • Donors browse through ‘impact’ and then choose how they want to finance the impact

👀 Transparency

  • Donors have a full understanding of how their dollars are spent

  • Donors receive text messages when their donations have been fulfilled

👍 Simplicity

  • No forms to fill out

  • No typing required

  • 80% faster average checkout

  • <3sec Page Load (or less)

😍 Engaging

  • Social Challenges for Sharing

  • Upsells & Options

  • Social Proof & Leaderboard

How Donors Experience Causemos

1) The donor browses through different types of impact levels and selects the level of impact they want to have.

2) Social proof entices donors to match their peers and not miss out.

3) Donor pays.

  • A transparency promise makes it incredibly clear how the money is going to get used

  • Financing options surface how the supporter can afford the most amount of impact

  • One-click payment using Apple/Google Pay, with a brilliantly fast 4-field checkout for those who still have to type their card in

5) Donor is encouraged to upgrade their impact.

6) Donor is encouraged to allow SMS notifications which will notify the donor.

7) The donor receives a personalized thank you.

8) Supporter receives an email and SMS notification (if subscribed) when the impact is fulfilled.

  • The notification contains a preview of the impact post and a link to the full post

9) Supporter views impact post.

  • The supporter views the impact post which includes details on the impact that was delivered

  • The impact post shows how many others invested in that specific impact post

  • The impact post encourages the supporter to

    • Share the impact post with friends/family via social media, email or with a shareable link

    • Give again

How Non-Profits Experience Causemos

1) The organization opens its free Causemos app and clicks (+).

2) The staff/volunteer creates an impact post:

  • A candid photo is chosen that captures the impact being delivered

  • A short-form caption describes the event

  • The type and amount of impact is assigned to the post

3) The impact post is published.

  • A preview of the post is generated, as well as a preview of how many donors will be notified of the impact post

4) Supporters are notified of their impact.

  • The app reviews the queue of donors, identifies those who have been waiting the longest and notifies each of the impact that was fulfilled, based on:

    • The amount of impact the donor paid for

    • The amount of impact in the post

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