Want to sync donations to DonorPerfect but not purchases from your online store? You can now customize which items (merchandise, campaigns, event registrations) sync to DonorPerfect.

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How to Customize the Sync Status on an Item

Report on DonorPerfect Sync Status

How to Customize the Sync Status on an Item

To begin, go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items. Create a new item, or open an existing item.

On the left-hand menu, select DonorPerfect.

Image from Item setting page. DonorPerfect sync setting enabled and highlighted. Dropdown selected, yes.

At the top of the page, under Sync this Item, choose to enable or disable the item to sync to DonorPerfect. Select Yes to sync the item, or select No to disable the item sync for the item.

When you select No, the DonorPerfect coding options will be hidden on the item. If the item has taxes or shipping, if the DonorPerfect sync is disabled, the tax and shipping gifts will not sync to DonorPerfect as well.

If you use Split Gifts, the total will be based on the line item amount.

Save your changes once complete.

Report on DonorPerfect Sync Status

To report on Items and the sync status, go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items > More Filters >Sync to DP.

Image of the Item Report Filters Highlighting Sync to DP

To learn more about Givecloud's Integration with DonorPerfect, check out our help article, Getting Started with DonorPerfect.

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