Givecloud offers a wide range of filters to help with managing and reporting on your contributions. For example, filter by supporter type, contribution status, or tracking source, then export the information you need to a CSV file and share it with your team members.

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What are Contributions?

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What are Contributions?

A contribution is a donation or purchase made through the Givecloud checkout, Givecloud Virtual POS, Kiosk or mPOS. Contributions can also be a ticket, merchandise, registration, and more.

How to use the Contribution Report

Use the Contribution report to review donations and purchases on your Givecloud site. Filter the report to review specific contributions by supporter type, status, tracking source and more.


Contribution Status

Contribution status allows you to filter by complete, incomplete or refunded contributions.


Date allows you to filter by a specific period, for example, July 10th to 15th, 2021.


Source allows you to filter by the avenue in which the contribution was placed—for example, Web, Point of Sale (POS), or Import.


Items allow you to filter by item types. The item types are shippable items, downloadable items, recurring items, sponsorships, no shippable items, no downloadable items, no recurring items, no sponsorships.

Payment Type

Payment type allows you to filter by payment types like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Referral Source

Referral Source pulls from the referral source section on the checkout. Depending on the referral source options set under Settings > Supporter Preference, the referral options will display in this filter.


The promo filter is a text field filter—type in a promo code set on your site to search contributions with a specific promo code.

Supporter Type

Filter by Supporter Types like Individuals, organization or more. Add additional supporter types under Settings > Supporter Preferences > Supporter Types.


Verification allows you to filter by verification status or message on a contribution. Verification refers to the AVS and CVC warnings that can occur with contributions.

The verification status options are Pass, Warning and Unavailable.

The verification messages are, Address warning, no address verification, ZIP warning, No ZIP verification, CVC warning, no CVC verification, IP Geography warning, No IP Geography.

Billing Country

Filter contributions by billing country. The only countries associated with a contribution will display in this filter.


Filter contributions by your active and past payment gateways. Only payment gateways used for contributions will display in this filter.

Tracking Source

Highlights where the visitor came from before landing on your page and making a contribution.

Example: search engines such as Google, a domain, a social media platform, newsletter. This requires using UTM tracking.

Tracking Medium

The advertising marketing medium.

Example: organic search, cost per click paid search, web referral. This requires using UTM tracking.


The specific campaign you have created to drive traffic. Note, the campaign can be throughout multiple mediums.

Example: Your Giving Tuesday campaign is being promoted on Instagram, a blog post, and a paid Google ad. This requires using UTM tracking.


The specific call to action or link within the ad. This can give you information on what CTA placement is performing better.

For example, you may have two calls to action on the same ad, one hyperlinked word and one linked button. This requires using UTM tracking.

* To create this in-depth reporting, add your Google Analytics ID to Givecloud.

Report Columns


The contribution column displays the unique contribution number and an image of the item(s) associated with the contribution. Select the image or contribution number to review the contribution information.


The supporter column displays the supporter name associated with the contribution. Select the supporter's name to access the supporter's account within your admin.


The location column displays the city, state/province, and country.


The Referral column displays the referral source associated with the contribution. A supporter's referral source may differ from their contribution referral sources.


The total column displays the total amount associated with the contribution. If you offer multiple currencies, the currency will show with the amount as well.

Payment Method

The payment method column displays the payment type associated with the contribution.


The date column displays the date the contribution was captured. The contributions report defaults to show the newest to oldest contribution based on this column.

Contribution Report Export

If you wish, you can export your Contribution information to a CSV file, which is readable on most spreadsheet software, such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets. In addition, you can use filters before the export to gather the information you need.

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