You have the ability to control who can create a fundraising page. Rather than verify individual fundraising pages, you will verify supporters.

Once a supporter is Verified, they can create public fundraising pages without approval.

This article will review the verification options and how you can customize the verification process for your organization and supporters.

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Fundraising Guidelines

Require all fundraisers to be verified

Auto-verify fundraisers

Verify current fundraisers

Pending fundraiser message

Denied fundraiser message

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages

Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising Guidelines allow you to add a mandatory check box to the fundraising page, requiring the supporter to agree to the guidelines before creating their peer-to-peer fundraising page.

The checkbox is displayed above the Create Page button and is customizable.

To enable and customize the fundraising guideline check box,

  1. Go to Features > Peer-to-Peer > Configure.

  2. Scroll to Fundraising Guidelines and toggle to the right to enable.

  3. Customize the guidelines message.

  4. Once complete, Save.

If you need to update your community guidelines, go to Features > Website > Site Design > Fundraisers > Create a Page.

Require all fundraisers to be verified

Image of fundraising verification setting under Features > Peer-to-Peer > Configure.

If require all fundraisers to be verified is enabled, when a new supporter creates a fundraising page, the page will not be available to the public, and the supporter will have a status of Pending.

Image of a support account with a verification status as pending.

You will receive a notification when the supporter has created a fundraising page.

Image of a new fundraiser notification.

The supporter will also see a message on the fundraising page to inform them the page is not live yet and is pending approval.

Image of a pending warning found on the fundraising page. Supporter facing. Message reads,

You can click on the link in the notification to be carried to a page where you will have the option to review the fundraising page and verify the supporter.

Image of pending notification found on the fundraising page internally.

Once the supporter is Verified, they will receive the Fundraising Pages: Page Activated email to notify them that their fundraising page is now live.

Image of example email to supporter after supporter has been verified.

Verified supporters can create additional fundraising pages without needing approval. You will still be notified when a verified supporter creates a new fundraising page.

Auto-verify fundraisers

This setting allows automatic verification of supporters to create fundraising pages if they have donated in the past. Typically, supporters who have donated to your organization will create genuine fundraising pages to fundraise on behalf of your organization.

Verify current fundraisers

This is a one-time use setting. If you are currently using the Fundraising Pages feature, you may have live and active fundraising pages. If this setting is enabled, all supporters with active fundraising pages will automatically be Verified.

Note: If this setting is not enabled, all supporters with currently active fundraising pages will be assigned a status of Pending. All active fundraising pages will not be visible publicly until you manually Verified the supporters who own these fundraising pages. It is recommended that this setting is enabled.

Pending fundraiser message

The pending fundraiser message will show up on the fundraising page and is visible to the supporter who created it while they are pending approval.

Denied fundraiser message

This message will show up on the fundraising page that is only visible to the supporter who created it if they have been Denied from creating fundraising pages.

Image of denied fundraiser from the supporter view. Message reads,

Note: Supporters who have a status of Denied will not be able to create a fundraising page.

If you do not require your supporters to be verified, they can create as many pages as they want, and their page will go live instantly.

When a page goes live, your staff will be notified with an email that shows a summary of the page and a 'Suspend Page' link to remove the page if it is inappropriate instantly.

There is a "Report this Page" link that supporters can use to report bad pages to help you moderate your fundraising pages on every published page.

⚠️Nothing goes live without your team being notified via email with a chance to suspend the page instantly.

In the Fundraising Page settings, you can assign different users to be notified when pages are created, edited and reported.

Image of staff notification setting located under Features > Peer-to-Peer > Configure.
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