An honor roll can be added to items using the page with payment template to showcase supporters who have donated to a specific cause. Campaign items commonly use honor rolls, but an honor roll can be added to any item using a page with payment template.

Keep in mind, the honor roll does not display on mobile.

How to add an Honor Roll to my item?

Image of the honor roll setting under the customization tab.
  1. Go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items, create a new donation item or open your existing donation item.

  2. under Options, make sure the Page Layout is set to Page with Payment.

  3. Select Customizations, then scroll to the bottom of the page to Honor Roll.

  4. Enable Honor Roll by toggling to the left, then adjust the Honor Title, Limit and honor roll style. You can choose from a masonry style or list style.

  5. Save.

The honor roll will display below the billing section of the page.

Image of the honor roll on donation page.

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