Admin users on your Givecloud site can manage the pinned items on their personal Givecloud dashboard menu. Pinned menu items allow you to save your most-used reports and features to customize your Givecloud experience.

Need quick access to manage incomplete contributions or want to jump to your blog to add a quick post. Add them to your pinned menu items to personalize your Givecloud admin dashboard to work for you.

Where do I find my pinned menu items?

Where do I manage my pinned menu items?

How do I manage my pinned menu items?

What can I include on my pinned menu items?

Where do I find my pinned menu items?

Pinned menu items are found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation dashboard menu. The pin menu item menu is labelled Pinned on the navigation menu.

Image of pinned menu items section on the left navigation menu.

All Givecloud sites start with View Live Site, and New Contribution (POS) visible under Pinned.

Where do I manage my pinned menu items?

To add or remove a pinned menu item by hovering your cursor over the pinned menu section or going to your My Profile settings located in the upper-right hand corner of your Admin under Profile Icon.

Add and Remove pins via the Pinned Menu.

Hover your cursor over the pinned menu section on your left-hand navigation menu. A button will appear to click to Add / Remove Pins. Click Add / Remove Pins button, and this will take you to edit your pins under your Profile Settings.

Image of Pinned menu section. When hovering a button will appear to add or remove pins.

Add and remove pins via My Profile Settings.

Manage your pinned items by going to your profile setting by selecting the Profile Icon in the upper-right hand corner of your admin page. Open the dropdown menu, then select My Profile. Scroll to Pinned Menu Items to manage your pins.

Image of the Profile icon in the upper-right hand corner with the menu open. Select my Profile to access Profile settings.

How do I manage my pinned menu items?

To add a pin, click directly on the text field box or use your tab button to tab down to the pinned menu item field.

When you click or tab to the pinned menu item field, a dropdown will appear. You can browse the pin options in the dropdown by scroll through the dropdown or using your up and down arrows on your keyboard.

When you find a pin feature or report you wish to add to your pinned menu, click or tap enter/ return on your keyboard to add the option. Save the changes by clicking or tabbing to the Save button at the bottom left-hand corner.

Add up to 8 pins to your pinned menu.

Gif of pin menue items section adding a menu item option in the field

What can I include on my pinned menu items?


  • New Supporter

  • Individuals

  • Organizations

  • Sponsors

  • Members

  • New Donors

  • Active Donors

  • Recurring Donors

  • Slipping Recurring Donors

  • Lapsed Donors

  • Marketing Opt-ins

  • Fundraisers

  • Portal Users

  • Archived Supporters


  • All Contributions

  • Incomplete Contributions

  • Recurring Transactions

  • Recurring Profiles

  • Payments

  • Payments by Line Item

  • Contributions by Product

  • Refunds

  • Settlement Batches

  • Abandoned Carts

Sell & Fundraise

  • Sell & Fundraise Items

  • Configure Shipping

  • Configure Sales Tax


  • Pages &Menu

  • Feeds & Blogs

  • Categories

  • Site Design

  • Redirects

  • Configure Website

  • View Live Site


  • Impact by Supporters

  • Referral Sources

  • Stock Levels

  • Shipping Reconciliation

  • Tax Reconciliation

  • Event Check-Ins


  • Children

  • Sponsors

  • Custom Fields

  • Payment Options

  • Mature Children

  • Configure Sponsorship

Point of Sale

  • Virtual Point of Sale

  • Configure POS


  • Pledge Contributions

  • Pledge Campaigns


  • All Tributes

  • Tribute Types

Tax Receipts

  • All Tax Receipts

  • Configure Tax Receipts


  • New Automated Email

  • All Automated Emails


  • My Organization

  • Users

  • Supporter Preferences

We also included pins for the following features,

  • Donor Covers Costs

  • Fundraising Page

  • iOS Kiosks

  • Promotions

  • Memberships

  • Text to Give

  • Virtual Events

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