If you want to change the frequency or amount of an existing recurring payment profile, you can do through the Modify setting located on the recurring payment profile page.

  1. To adjust the recurring frequency and amount, go to Contributions > Recurring Profiles.

Image of recurring payment under Contributions tab on the Givecloud dashboard

2. Use the search field to find the supporter's recurring profile, and open the profile by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Image of reucrring payment page support name is added to search box, and highlights the magnifying glass to access recurring payment profile page

3. This will open the recurring payment profile page. Select Modify in the upper-right-hand corner.

Image of Recurring Payment Profile Page highlighting Modify in the upper-right-hand corner

4. Change the cycle frequency and amount due for each cycle.

5. Don't forget to Save.

Modify page for a recurring payment highlighting cycle frequency and amount due each cycle field

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