What is the Contribution Line Items Report?

The Contribution Line Items Report is a breakdown of all contributions and transactions based on the line item. The contribution line item report looks in-depth at all aspects of your online fundraising, including Donor Covers Cost, Taxes, Shipping and Sponsorships. The Contribution Line Item Report replaces the Payment by Item Report.

How to use the Contribution Line Items Report?

The Contribution Line Items Report includes various tools to deep-dive into your contribution history and item sales. This section will focus on the different filters and reporting columns to help you find the information you need to review and report on contributions.



Use the search filter by the order number, transaction name, supporter name, line item description.


Filter by a specific date range or date using the captured filter. The payment is captured when the funds from the supporter's bank reach your payment processor. The capture date may differ from the attempted date for the payment.

Line Item Type

Line item type allows you to filter by an item, Donor Covers Cost, Sponsorship, shipping or taxes.

Related To items

Filter by any, all or specific active items.

Related to Memberships

Filter by any or a specific membership level.

Related to Sponsorship

Filter by any or a specific sponsorship profile.

Billing Country

Filter by a dropdown of countries where supporters have contributed to your organization.

IP Country

Filter by a dropdown of IP countries where supporters have contributed to your organization.


Filter by single or multiple categories.


Filter by payment gateways. If you have multiple payment gateways active, you will find this filter helpful.

Supporter Type

Filter by supporter types, such as individual or organization.

Payment Method

Filter by payment method, such as card, bank or PayPal.

One-time & Recurring

Filter by one-time or recurring payments.

Sponsorship Custom Fields

Filter by Sponsorship custom fields. Learn more about setting up Sponsorship custom fields.

Report Columns

Captured At

The Captured At column documents the time the line item was captured.


The supporter's name is associated with the contribution line item. The column includes a quick link to the supporter's profile.


The Reference column links the line item back to the contribution. This column includes the contribution number and a quick link to the contribution.


The Type column refers to the type of line item. Using this column, you can sort by Item, Donor Covers Cost, Shipping, Sponsorship or Taxes. Tax and Shipping line items relate to the whole contribution and may not relate to the specific line items shown below. If you’d like to omit tax and shipping lines from this report, use the “Line Item Type” filter.


The Description column refers to the Item name or Sponsorship profile name.

GL Account

GL Account Column reports on General Ledger assigned to the line item. If you use DonorPerfect, Givecloud will pull the General Ledger assigned in the DonorPerfect Item and Sponsorship settings.

Quantity (Qty)

The quantity of the line item purchased.

Line Item Amount

The line item amount. For example, if the item was $15.00, this will display under the Line Item Amount column.

Payment Amount

The entire payment amount. For example, if the entire contribution total is $30.00, this will display under the Payment Amount column.

Payment Method

The payment method. For example, Visa, Mastercard, Check, etc.

Contribution Line Items Report Export

If you wish, you can export the Contribution Line Items Report to a CSV file, which is readable on most spreadsheet software, such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets. In addition, you can use filters before the export to focus on the information you need.

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