What is an upsell item? Think about when you are at the grocery store and see the gum and candy bars by the checkout. These are items that often impulse purchases for shoppers who are in the "buying" mindset.

You can add an upsell item to your checkout experience and try to maximize the donations you collect!

To add a standard upsell option:

  • Head over to Features > Website > Site Design> Then click on the Cart & Checkout tab.

  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to "Up-Sell Content."

  • Here is where you can enable the content.

Here is what it could look like live:

Of course, you can also go the custom route!

To do create custom content:

  • Enable "Use Custom Up-Sell Content"

  • Using the Custom Up-Sell Content, you can add custom elements to include in this section.

Which in turn looks like this live:

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