Direct custom streaming allows you to use a custom streaming provider for your next virtual event.

How does Custom Streaming Provider work?

What streaming platforms can I use?

Setup a Live Event with a Custom Streaming Provider

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How does Custom Streaming Provider work?

Custom Streaming allows your favourite streaming software that provides Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) output. Givecloud is offering custom streaming providers for free during Beta.

What streaming platforms can I use?

Many streaming software allows for RTMP output, such as OBS, Zoom, Streamlabs, Dacast, OneStreamLive, Ecamm live, Wirecast, Streamyard, Restream, and more.

If you don't see your favourite streaming software, reach out to your streaming platform to see if RTMP output is supported. Additional costs may be associated with RTMP output depending on the streaming software.

Givecloud does not support third-party streaming software. Please reach out to your streaming software provider if you need any support during your stream.

Setup a Live Event with Custom Streaming Provider

  1. Go to Features > Virtual Events and click 'Add.'

  2. Enter the name & date of your event.

  3. Choose your video stream provider as 'Direct - Powered by Custom Service.'

  4. Upload a logo and a background image. The logo will display in the top left of the page, and the image will be used as the background across the entire page.

  5. Choose whether you want to enable the Amount Tally. This will show the total amount of donations (towards any of the donation items you've made available) during your event.

  6. If you'd like to Enable Celebration, this will rain confetti across viewers' screens when the Celebration Threshold amount has been reached.

  7. Add the donation options you'd like available during your virtual event. Keep in mind, These are "Items" in Givecloud with a "Donation" price type - "fixed price" items are not currently supported. If an item is set up with a one-time and monthly option, these will both be available. You can add up to 3 options.
    Click here for how to set up a donation item.

  8. Save.

  9. Now you will access the RTMP URL and Stream Key to add your software's settings and begin streaming.

    Givecloud Admin Panel Screen grab displaying where to find the RTMP and Steam Key Details for setting up a direct video stream.

Chat with a Custom Streaming provider

At this time, chat is not available with direct custom streaming providers.

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