Are you planning an online gala, generosity party or concert? Turn these events into high-impact fundraising opportunities. IMAGINE, an all-in-one fundraising page to watch, give, engage, celebrate, connect and share.

Virtual Events enable you to expand your reach and boost impact. With effective marketing, you can access and engage supporters who may not have participated in person due to their geographic location or other challenges. It's a new opportunity to break down barriers and truly connect with anyone that shares a passion for your cause. Our Virtual Events feature motivates generosity like never before:

  • Livestream your fundraiser globally and expand your reach 🌎

  • Accept payments directly through the broadcast 💳

  • Create excitement with a live ticker, progress bar and confetti 🎉

  • Engage and energize with emoji reactions ❤️

  • Enable live chat for even more robust interactions 💬

Streaming Platforms


YouTube (Monetized Account)

There's no cost to use YouTube. However, you are required to have a monetized YouTube account to embed a Livestream. This requires you to have 1000+ subscribers and to complete their partner program application.

Vimeo Premium Account

Vimeo's Premium offering is around $600 USD per year. You cannot pay per event, only per year.

Custom Streaming Providers

Direct streaming allows you to use custom steaming software using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) steams.

Don't see the platform you're looking for? Ask us!

Where to find my events

How to create an event

How to make my event live

Unsupported features

Where to find my events:

Find your Virtual Events by logging in to your admin dashboard and heading to Features > Virtual Events. Events are listed in a date-descending order, so your events furthest in the past will appear at the bottom.

Creating an event:

Image of Event Information, Video Stream section on the virtual event page settings
  1. Head to Features > Virtual Events and click +Add.

  2. Enter the name & date of your event.

  3. Choose your video stream provider - Vimeo Premiere, Youtube Monetized Account or custom streaming, which allows you to use custom streaming software. Learn more about custom streaming providers. Enter your Video ID & Chat ID. See here for where to find these for Vimeo & Youtube.

Image of page design setting an donation sidebar on live events settings.

4. Upload a logo and a background image. The logo will display in the top left of the page, and the image will be used as the background across the entire page.

5. Choose whether you want to enable the "Amount Tally." This will show the total amount of donations (towards any donation items you've made available) during your event.

6. Choose whether you'd like to have the chat feature enabled or not.

7. Enable Emoji Reactions to allow participants to react with emojis that will float up on the screen.

8. If you'd like to "Enable Celebration," this will rain confetti across viewers' screens when the "celebration threshold" amount has been reached.

9. Add the donation options you'd like available during your virtual event.
NB: These are "items" in Givecloud with a "donation" price type - "fixed price" items are not currently supported. If an item is set up with a one-time and monthly option, these will both be available. You can add up to 3 options.
Learn more on how to set up a donation item.

10. Save.
NB: A URL will be generated by default based on the event name - if you wish to change this, click the pencil icon next to the URL.

Going live with your event:

  • Your event URL will be live as soon as you save the page. However, nothing will be streaming until you start the stream.

Unsupported features:

  • Custom fields are currently not supported - if you have any custom fields set up on this item, they will not show.

  • PayPal Express Checkout is currently not supported - if you have a PayPal Express checkout integrated, this will not be a payment option.

  • GoCardless is currently not supported - if you're using GoCardless as your payment processor, you will be unable to use Virtual Events at this time.

  • Chat is not available on direct custom streaming.

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