Givecloud provides the flexibility to add custom forms from your Constant Contact account.

To get started, you will need the universal code and the inline code found in Constant Contacts. If you need support finding the universal code or inline code, please review Constant Contacts Help Center or contact Constant Contact Support.

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Add the Universal Code

Add the inline Code to Page(s)

Example Code

Add the Universal Code

To add the universal code, go to Features > Website > Site Design > click on the "Advanced" tab > Paste the code under the Custom Script section. click Save.

You will only need to add the universal code once to your Givecloud site. If you already have other Constant Contact forms embed on the site, you will not need to add a universal code again.

Image of custom scripts section under Site Design > Advanced.

Add the inline Code to Page(s)

The next step is to add the inline code to the page(s) you wish to embed the form.

Add the inline code, toggle the Visual / Code tabs on the page editor tool's right-hand side, then paste the inline code onto the page. Save.

Example Code

Below you will find some examples of the universal code and inline code.

Universal Code example:

<!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms --> <script> var _ctct_m = "example code"; </script> <script id="signupScript" src="//" async defer></script> <!-- End Constant Contact Active Forms -->

Inline Code example:

<!-- Begin Constant Contact Inline Form Code --> <div class="ctct-inline-form" data-form-id="example code"></div> <!-- End Constant Contact Inline Form Code -->

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