The first step in creating a meaningful Thank You Page (and it is important to do this first) is to acknowledge your donor's giving with a heartfelt thank you - something more than "thank you for giving." Here you have an opportunity to reiterate your mission and the impact your donor's giving has on your mission. You may also want to acknowledge what they're giving is helping with or going towards.

After you thank your donor, it's appropriate to follow up with some things they can do next (Call to Action). A Call to Action can be sharing your cause on social media, giving again/checking out other ways they can help, or checking to see whether their employer will match their gift (see our Double the Donation integration here). Providing the next steps communicates that your donors' can have impact beyond their gift.

Designing Your Thank You Page

It is a good idea to use an image that communicates your message in your Thank You Page header. The image helps to emphasize your mission and the impact your donors are having. It's also a good idea to use warm colors and fonts to avoid it feeling transactional.

To Customize Your Thank You Page

Once you have logged in to your Givecloud admin, click into Features > Website > Site Design in the left menu. Then click on the Thank You tab.

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