1. A Clean & Easy One-Step Process

Our Page With Payment template allows donor's to decide the amount they want to give and process the payment on the same page (without the added step of being taken to the cart or a confirmation page before making payment). This one step process reduces a lot of friction at checkout and helps alleviate the process fatigue that can lead to a donor abandoning their donation.

2. Our Item Templates Are Optimized for Mobile Viewing

3. Non-Essential Information is Not Required

Studies have found that requiring non-essential information during checkout can decrease conversion rates. This could be information such as a phone number (which usually requires a certain level of trust before a donor is willing to give their phone number), title, a field where a donor can enter a note, or a question such as 'How'd you hear about us?'. While Givecloud offers all of the features at checkout, we leave it up to your organization to decide,
1) Whether it should display on your donation page at all, and if it does, 2) Whether it should be a required field.

4. Address Auto-Complete

Givecloud is committed to providing an effortless giving experience for your donors, which is why we have included an Address Auto-Complete in all of our checkout experiences.

To learn more about Address Auto-Complete, click here.

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