Givecloud is committed to providing an effortless giving experience for your donors, which is why we have included an Address Auto-Complete in all of our checkout experiences, including Tributes.

An Address Auto-Complete helps keep your donor database clean by ensuring an accurate address is entered - you'll see fewer misspellings and invalid addresses. It also makes for decreased friction at checkout and reduces the time spent there by 30%! Studies have found that the more fields your donors are required to fill out, or the more steps they have to go through, the more chances there are for donors to abandon their donation or lose their desire to give.

Faster & more succinct checkouts = more conversions!

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How does it work?

Type the beginning of your address, such as street number and name, then select your address from the dropdown. Givecloud will then do the rest, including Postal/ Zip Code formatting.

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