You can use Givecloud's Point of Sale, more commonly referred to as POS to record manual payments towards a fundraising page.

  1. In your Givecloud admin click Contributions > + New Contributions (POS).

    Screengrab from the Givecloud Admin Panel displaying the location of the
  2. Once the POS has opened, find and select "Fundraising Pages".

  3. Click into the search bar and a list of all fundraisers will appear. You can scroll to find the page the contribution is for, or type in the page name or page creator and select it.

  4. Type in the amount of the contribution or use the selector arrows to choose an amount.

  5. Enter any special notes the donor would like to leave. These will appear on the honour roll on the fundraiser page

  6. Check whether the donor would like to remain anonymous or not
    NB: if you select this their donation will still show on the honour roll but under the name "anonymous".

  7. Click "Add".

  8. If you need to enter a different date and source (ex. if you received a check in the mail and it was dated for Friday but you're only entering the donation on Monday), click the pencil icon next to the "Source & Date" label and adjust accordingly.

    Screen grab of Givecloud Admin Panel displaying the location of the Source Date Edit function in the lower right of the screen.
  9. If the donor already has a supporter profile within your Givecloud system, click the pencil icon next to the "Supporter" label on the right-hand side and search for their profile.
    If they do not have an existing profile, click the pencil icon next to the Bill to label and fill in their billing details. A profile will be created for them using these details.

  10. Click to Complete Contribution

  11. Enter their payment details - you can choose from Credit Card, Bank (if you are enabled to process ACH/EFT), Cash, Check, or Other.
    NB: If they have an existing profile with a payment method saved to it and they want to use that, click into the "My Methods" tab and select to use that.

  12. Select whether you would like to send the donor a confirmation email or not.

  13. Click Finish to complete the contribution.

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