Tax receipts can be sent automatically to your donors. A tax receipt consists of an email and attached pdf. We've provided a boilerplate email and pdf template that can be customized to suit your organization. It is beneficial to take the time to customize these templates to include things like your organization's branding (logo and colours) and the specific language you would like to use. Consistent branding throughout the entire donor journey builds trust in your organization and helps convey your story.

Customizing your Tax Receipt (PDF)

  1. Go to Features > Tax Receipts > Configure Receipt Templates

  2. Ensure that Tax Receipts are Enabled using the toggle

    Screen grab from Givecloud Admin Panel displaying the Enable toggle.
  3. Once enabled all menu options for your tax receipting will appear below.

  4. Navigate down the page to the Receipt Template section and click on the 'pencil icon' that says 'Edit this template' when your cursor hovers over it.

  5. Use the template as your framework and add your logo, address, and any additional content you would like to send your donors.

  6. You can use the merge tag cheat-sheet located in the blue bar towards the end of the page. This allows you to pull dynamic content into your template.

  7. Preview the Tax Receipt Template

  8. Click Save to ensure your changes are saved.

Customizing the Tax Receipt Email Notification

  1. Go Features > Tax Receipts > Configure Receipt Templates

  2. Navigate down the page to the Email Notification section and click on the Edit Email button.

  3. If you would like your team to receive a copy of the email, add their email to the Cc or Bcc field

  4. Edit the body of the email to create an on-brand message for your donor.

  5. Click Save to ensure your changes are saved.


  • If you have chosen to send tax receipts by email, your donors will receive the customized email notification with the Tax Receipt (pdf) as an attachment.

  • If you've chosen to use Single (individual) tax receipts, a tax receipt will automatically be sent as soon as the donation is processed.

  • If you've chosen to do Consolidated tax receipts, you'll need to manually batch issue your tax receipts.

Learn more about setting up Tax Receipts on Givecloud

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