Adding and Editing DPO Codes to a Sponsorship Profile

To set up the specific codes, you wish to sync to DonorPerfect, select DPO Integration on the Sponsorship Profile. Add or edit,

  • General Ledger,

  • Solicitation,

  • Type of Gift,

  • Campaign,

  • Sub-Solicitation, and more.

Requesting a UDF for Sponsorship Records

If you wish to add a Custom Integration Field, also known as a UDF, such as the Sponsorship Reference Number, please reach out to support at with the Field Code, the Field Label, and we'll be happy to help.

DPO Codes and Sponsorship Record Import

If you are new to Givecloud and would like to import your Sponsorship records, you must have your DonorPerfect integrated setup before the import. When completing the Sponsorship Record Import, you can include any specific DPO coding for the Sponsorship record.

To learn more about imports, please reach out to support at

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