Givecloud offers the ability to automatically send Individual or Consolidated tax receipts to your supporters. If you choose to do tax receipting through DonorPerfect, follow the steps below so that Givecloud is syncing the correct information to gifts in DonorPerfect.

Consolidated vs Individual Tax Receipting

A Consolidated receipt type will generate tax receipts in DonorPerfect with a total amount per person/per year.

Whereas an Individual receipt type will generate tax receipts for each transaction.

The only change that will take place in Givecloud is that all the gifts that are generated by Givecloud and synced to DonorPerfect will have the updated receipt type setting. It is a global setting for all the gifts created in DonorPerfect by Givecloud.

This is something you can manage by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect

  2. Scroll down to the "Receipt Settings" section.

  3. Set the 'Receipt Type' to your method of receipting. The options are:

    • (C) Consolidated Receipting

    • (I) Individual Receipting

  4. Set the 'Delivery Preference' to your preferred method of delivery. The options are:

    • Do Not Set

    • (L) Letter

    • (E) Email

    • (B) Letter & Email

    • (N) Do Not Acknowledge

Don't forget to scroll up and click the green "Save" button at the top right before you leave the page!

If you choose to do your receipting through DonorPerfect, be sure that Tax Receipting in Givecloud (Features > Tax Receipts > Configure Tax Receipts) is not enabled so your supporters are not double receipted.


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