To set up a blog/feed to list out all of your events, where each post includes details about the event and the ability to purchase tickets right from within the post, follow these steps...

  1. Head to Settings & Admin > Feeds/Blogs
  2. Click to add a new blog/feed
  3. Name it what you like (E.g. "Annual Events")
  4. Select whichever feed template you like.
    The feed is the page that lists all the events. You may want to explore the different layouts at a later date.
  5. Set the post template to 'events'. The posts are the individual event pages.
  6. Optionally set the web address, add any categories (e.g. "May", "June", "July" etc) and selectwhether you want social sharing icons to show on every post page.
  7. Click Save.
  8. You'll find your feed under 'Website' on the left-hand menu - click on it.

9. Add any respective event details - time, date, location, event organizer, etc.

10. Add any ticket items you have created into the 'products' field under the 'multi-item checkout' heading

11. Click "publish now".

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