Zapier allows you to connect your Givecloud site to 3,000 + Apps by building workflows called Zaps to automate tasks.

At this time, Givecloud allows you to create triggers in Zapier. For example, create a Zap to trigger new supporter accounts, contributions or supporter account updates.

Before you begin, create a Zapier account.

Keep in mind, Zapier is a third-party service. If you have questions regarding setting up Zaps or Zapier support, please check Zapier's Help Center.

Zapier offers a variety of pricing options. Review the pricing page here.

How to Setup Zapier

1. To enable Zapier, go to under Settings > Integrations. At this time, Zapier is by request. Please reach out to Givecloud support to access Zapier integration.

2. Get an invite to the Zapier Givecloud app. This will allow you to use Givecloud as a trigger on Zapier.

3. Install the Givecloud app on Zapier (not public yet, but your Givecloud friends on the development team will send your an invite once requested).

4. Before you add a Zap, you will prompt to connect your Givecloud account to Zapier using your Givecloud URL.

5. Once confirmed, you will be able to add triggers for the following,

  • New Supporter Accounts

  • Supporter Account Updates

  • contribution Paid.

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