Each line item in your Givecloud contribution will generate a gift in DonorPerfect.

A basic donation could generate two gifts:

  • Gift for the donation amount

  • Gift for the 'cover the cost' amount (if enabled)

A more complicated online purchase could include multiple gifts:

  • Gift for a shirt line item

  • Gift for an event registration line item

  • Gift for a general donation line item

  • Gift for tax amount (if enabled)

  • Gift for shipping amount (if enabled)

  • Gift for admin amount (if enabled)

When setting up items for sale or fundraising in Givecloud, the DonorPerfect tab allows you to specify exactly how Givecloud should create a gift in DonorPerfect when that individual item is included in a contribution. These values can be different from product to product. This is called "Item Level Coding"

Alternatively, if you have multiple variants of an item (e.g. a shirt with different colors or sizes or a donation form with different payment frequencies), Givecloud allows you to set the coding at the variant level. For example, if you click on a variant under 'Price & Options,' a modal will appear where you will see the DP Codes tab. This is known as "Variant Level Coding"

NB: For the variant level coding to take precedence over the item level coding, you need to go to Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect > Scroll down till you reach the "GC Meta Data" section, then enable the "Item settings override these codes."

When creating a gift, Givecloud sends:

  • Invoice Number (the GiveCloud contribution number)

  • Check Reference Number (the payment confirmation number)

  • Donor ID

  • GL Code

  • Campaign Code

  • Solicitation Code

  • Sub-Solicitation Code

  • Amount

  • Gift Type

  • Fair Market Value

  • TY Letter Number

  • Memo

  • NoCalc Value (global value for all gifts - set in Advanced Settings)

  • + any custom fields that have been configured

When we push our contribution info to DonorPerfect to create a new gift, we pass a piece of information that will help us reconcile the gift in case of an error.
When sending the request to create a gift in DonorPerfect, we pass a reference into the GIFT_NARRATIVE field in DonorPerfect.
Before sending the request, we look up gifts in DonorPerfect that have a reference to the item we’re trying to create. If one exists, we will link the item to that gift rather than create a duplicate.
After a sync failure/disruption, the sync is only retried once, 5minutes later.

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