Before connecting your DonorPerfect account, ensure you've created a user in DonorPerfect just for Givecloud and assign it full permissions. Once that user has been created, you will need the username and password.

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Connect your DonorPerfect Account

Best Practices

Gift Type Options

Connect Your DonorPerfect Account

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect.

  2. Enter the username and password for the DonorPerfect user you created for Givecloud.

  3. Alternatively, you can enter your API key if you have it.
    NB: Do not enter both API key & username and password - this will break the integration.

  4. Hit 'Save' in the top right corner.

  5. Click 'Test Connection' to be sure the username and password are valid.

Once you hit save, the settings screen will expand, and you'll see lots of settings with on-screen help.

Best Practices

Here are our recommendations based on our most successful clients.

  • Ensure 'Auto-Sync' is enabled for all payments and refunds. Set a reminder in your calendar to review DonorPerfect's duplication report to ensure you are keeping your DonorPerfect database clean.

  • If you use the Spouse field in DonorPerfect, ensure 'Spouse Name' is enabled for Donor Matching. This will help reduce duplicates. This can be found under the "Donor Matching" section

  • Under the 'Fundraising Page Settings' section, ensure 'Soft Credits' are enabled. We also recommend pushing the 'Page Identifier' to the 'Solicit Code' field. This will create a solicit code for each new fundraiser and track all fundraising against the appropriate Solicit Code.

  • If you plan on tracking anonymous donations, be sure to create an 'Anonymous' donor in DonorPerfect, then linking that ID with the 'Anonymous Donor' setting. This is especially important if you use the in-person Point of Sale and swiper, where you may not collect any personal information from someone buying merchandise.

  • If you are charging tax and shipping or syncing DCC as a separate gift, be sure to set a default GL code for both tax, shipping and DCC charges. Otherwise, they will not be coded when being pushed to DonorPerfect.

  • Use "Use Multiple Individual Gifts" over "Split Gifts." We have found there are some shortcomings on the reporting side in DP with Split Gifts.

    • For more information on Split Gifts vs Multiple Individual Gifts see here.

  • Choose which additional metadata you want to sync to each gift in DonorPerfect, and which field (on the gifts screen) you want to sync each portion of data to. See below for some common fields to sync to

Syncing salutation: If the donor has the title {{Mr}}, first name {{Bob}} and last name {{Roberts}} it will sync the salutation as {{Mr. Roberts}}. However, if there is no title or last name it will it would just use the first name, so {{Bob}}. We have created a setting that allows you to disable syncing to the salutation field, this can be found under the "Sync Donor Data" section.

Syncing to Calculated Fields in DonorPerfect: A few things to keep in mind regarding calculated fields, calculated fields still need to be set up in DonorPerfect. If you are new to Givecloud, this setting is already enabled for you. If you are an existing Givecloud user, you will need to enable calculated fields by going to Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect and check Yes on Calculated Fields.

Image of Calculated Fields setting on the DonorPerfect integration screen.

Gift Type Options

If you decide to sync the Payment Method to the gift type field, you will need to add the following payment options to DonorPerfect.

Business Checking
Personal Checking
Business Savings
Personal Savings
American Express

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