When setting up your Txt to Give/Messenger conversations, you may have noticed a field called 'Tracking Source' and wondered what it is for. This field is essentially a way for you to track which keyword/conversation was used in the situation where you may have different conversations/keywords set up, but they could all be set up to contribute to the same fund, like your general fund.

So for example, I might have three conversations set up

  • give {amount}

  • givingtuesday {amount}

  • annualevent {amount}

But they might all be set up to contribute to my general fund

I can set the tracking source on the annualgala {amount} conversation to 'Annual Gala'

Where it's then going to populate that tracking source on the contribution, so I now know which conversation/keyword was used for this contribution

It will also show as a filter option on the 'Tracking Source' field on the Contributions screen, so you can filter for all contributions using a specific tracking source

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