To enable Donor Covers Cost (DCC) on Givecloud

1. Go to Features > Donor Covers Cost > Configure

2. Toggle ‘DCC Setting’ to the right to enable.

3. Adjust the Transaction Fee Setting and include the Txn Rate, the fixed transaction rate percentage (ex 4.5%), and Cost per Txn, a fixed cost per each transaction ($0.30). This setting will provide your supporters with the accurate cost of each contribution.

4. Overrides allow you to choose the Donor Covers Cost messages on your Givecloud site. Here you can customize the Checkout Heading, Checkout Description, Checkout Description with Amount and Invoice/Cart Label.

5. Optional for Sponsorship Organizations - Enable Donor Cover Cost on Sponsorships.

Enable Donor Covers Cost (DCC) on an Item

Givecloud allows you to enable Donor Covers Cost for specific items on your Givecloud site.

  1. Go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items > then select the item you wish to update.

  2. Under the right-side Options menu, check "Allow Donor Covers Cost (DCC)" and Save.

  3. If you don't see Donor Covers Cost as an option, you will need to enable Donor Covers Cost in Features > Donor Covers Cost > Configure

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