If you are finding that you have contributions and/or transactions that suddenly are not syncing to DonorPerfect, here are a few steps to help you troubleshoot...

  1. Check your settings (Settings > Integrations > DonorPerfect) to ensure that all of your auto-sync settings are turned on.

  2. Click the 'Test Connection' button to test whether the credentials entered are working correctly. If the connection fails, it's likely because you have changed/updated your DonorPerfect login or password and forgot to update it in Givecloud.

  3. Try re-syncing the contribution or transaction. When re-syncing:
    Did the contribution/transaction sync ok? This likely means the initial reason it didn't sync was due to a service disruption. You can check Givecloud's status page to verify this or the DonorPerfect status page if you don't see anything there. The disruption may have occurred mid-way through the sync causing contributions to appear as synced in DonorPerfect but not synced in Givecloud. This means the sync partially failed, and the gifts may be missing some coding. You will want to delete these initial partially failed gifts from DonorPerfect to avoid duplicates.

    Did you have an error message appear and the re-sync failed? If so, please take a screenshot and send it through to our Support Team, who can help you troubleshoot further. Please be aware that in the case of an error message when re-syncing, a partial gift may have been created in DonorPerfect. This gift would have failed mid-way through the sync, so the gift will miss some info/coding, and you should delete it to avoid duplicates.

  4. Take a look at the contribution in question - which item was the supporter trying to purchase/which fund were they trying to donate to? Open up that item under Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items. Check to see that the codes set in the DonorPerfect tab are still correct.

    Givecloud helps make your DonorPerfect integration a breeze by showing your DonorPerfect codes directly in Givecloud. It also helps you identify when you've manually entered a code that does not exist in DonorPerfect by showing "Missing in DPO" when the code doesn't exist.

A screenshot of the DonorPerfect tab on an item screen in the Givecloud admin. The general ledger code with the 'Missing in DPO' warning is highlighted.

If you think Givecloud has incorrect code data from DonorPerfect, try reloading DonorPerfect's codes. You can do this by clicking the 'Refresh DonorPerfect Codes' button in the top right corner of the DonorPerfect tab.

Note: Givecloud saves (or caches) your DonorPerfect codes for a period of 6hrs before it fetches fresh codes from DonorPerfect. The reload function above will force Givecloud to re-fetch your DonorPerfect codes.

If Givecloud still displays the message 'Missing in DPO' next to your code, it is because the code you've supplied does not exist in DonorPerfect. Your next step is to:

  1. Login to your DonorPerfect account and navigate your Code Maintenance Tool (from the gear in the top right corner of your DonorPerfect account).

  2. Use the Show Only field to select the type of code you want to manage, then click Go.

  3. You should now see a full list of available codes (and this list will match what Givecloud displays to you for this code type).

  4. Use this tool to edit or add the code you've entered into Givecloud.

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