What the Facebook Pixel does:

-makes sure ads are shown to the right people

-builds advertising audiences

-allows you to remarket to everyone who visited your site or a specific page

-collects website analytics

How do I set up my Facebook Pixel?

  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager account.

  2. Go to the navigation bar and select Events Manager

  3. Copy the Pixel code

  4. Go to your Givecloud Admin to paste the Pixel code in Features > Website > Site Design > Advanced - Custom HEAD Tags

For Facebook’s instructions on Creating and Installing a Facebook Pixel, read here

Facebook Ads - The Basics

Setting Up Audiences

1. In your Facebook Ads Manager > Audience section

2. Create audience > Custom Audience > Website Traffic

3. Create your first audience for people who visited a specific page within a specific time frame.

For example:

Time frame: 3 days

Page-specific URL: /give (or the /page name)

Name: Date give page last 3 days

4. Create an audience for the last 14 days, last 28 days as well

5. You may also want to create for other page actions like

/cart last 3/14/28 days

/home last 3/14/28

Note: by creating audiences, you are beginning to collect data for future retargeting ads

Set Up an Ad Campaign

  1. Campaign > Create> Objective = Conversion

  2. Start with $5/day as a suggested budget

  3. Name the ad set

For example, Conversion Give Page

  1. Set Audience > Custom Audience (you already created these earlier- pick one)

  2. Placement > suggested that you leave it Automatic (because Facebook is smart)

  3. Budget and Schedule > leave as is (Facebook knows the best times and the best way to spend your budget unless you have done a ton of research)

  4. Upload your artwork

*We recommend doing 2 ads in an ad set to measure the success of different options. For example, you have one red image and one blue image. If the red outperforms the blue, you can shift your budget into the blue and end the red.

Budget Recommendations

Audience size under 5000 $5-$10/day

5000-50000 $20-$40/day

For more information, you can read Facebook’s article on Ads.

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