Do you have supporters with an extensive giving history spanning many years before you joined Givecloud? Do you want these supporters to be able to see all of their prior giving history within the Givecloud donor portal? You have two options here...

  1. We can do an import of Contribution/Donation history.

    This is the route to go down if you'd like your supporters' giving history in the admin side of Givecloud also. This option requires you to fill out a template with all of the information for us to import. There's a cost associated with this service, so if it's something you're interested in, reach out to our Support Team using the chat bubble below or at

  2. Enable the External Donations Display setting.

    You can enable this feature in Features > Website > Site Design and click into the Donor Portal tab.

    You can choose to show these columns of information in the contribution history in the Donor Portal:

    • Date

    • Receipt Number

    • Reference

    • Currency

    • Amount

    • Fair Market Value

    • Net Donation

    If this is enabled, in the Donor Portal, a read-only display of gifts from DonorPerfect will be shown in a supporter's giving history based on the Donor ID on their profile in Givecloud.

    You'll then need to head to Settings > Supporter Preferences and select the checkbox to "View Past Donations/Contributions" in the donor portal. This will display a supporters contribution history in the donor portal under the 'Donations & Contributions' tab so that when a supporter logs in to their profile, they can see it.

    NB: This does not pull in any tax receipts from DonorPerfect. At this stage, we can only display tax receipts that have been generated through Givecloud.

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