Givecloud allows you to add multiple variants to a single item or product. This allows you to track sales against one product that may have multiple options such as event tickets with various seating options, or T-shirts with multiple size options.

If you have not already, create an item that you would like to add a variant to. This article about "Items" can help. ​

To add a variant to an item:

  1. Go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > items.

    Givecloud Admin panel with

  2. If your item has already been created find and select it from the list. If you have not yet created an item select +Add. This will open a new item page. Add the SKU, Item Name, Summary, and Category.

  3. Go to Price & Options, select + Add Option to add the item variant.

    Screen grab of Givecloud Admin Panel displaying example item
  4. Define the variant size using the name field, set a price, inventory and shipping rules (weight, stock threshold).

  5. Click Add, repeat until you have added all your variants.

  6. Before you Save the item, set the Page Layout to 'Product' and check Show on Website. You can also select Show on POS, if you would like this item to show on the Point of Sale.

    Screenshot of Givecloud Admin Panel Item page with


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