1. Head to Settings & Admin > Feeds & Blogs
  2. Click the green "Add' button
  3. Give your blog/feed a name. This will be the public name that displays on the main blog/feed page.
  4. Choose the type of feed you're creating:
    - A blog, or
    - A carousel of images (use if you're trying to create a banner of scrolling images to be used on your homepage - see article on home page banners here)
  5. Choose the feed & blog templates. The feed type determines how all of the posts are displayed on the main feed page. The post type determines how the individual posts look when you click into them.
    NB: If you're creating a feed for team/staff, board of directors or a business directory, you'll likely want to use the 'Business Directory' or 'Profile' templates. If you're creating a blog, you'll likely want to use the 'Default' or 'Embedded Media' templates. You may need to experiment with which of these you like best once you have created some blog posts.
  6. You can specify the web address/url. If you choose not to do this the URL will be auto-generated based on the name.
  7. If you set a feature image, this will display in the background of the title bar on the main feed page.
  8. Specify any categories. E.g. if you're creating a blog you can seperate posts out by different categories. If you creating a list of staff/team members you can specify different teams as categories.
  9. Hit save. Once you have saved, you will be able to access your feed/blog under 'Website' on the let hand menu - there you will be able to add new posts.

NB: To add a feed/blog to your website navigation/main menu, copy the URL from the feed page. Head to Website > Pages & Menus and select the dropdown arrow on the 'Add' button and select to 'Add a Link'. Choose the link name that you want to appear in the main menu website navigation and then paste the URL into the URL field. Set the 'menu' to Main Menu, check the box to 'publish now' and click save.

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