What is Account Updater?

The Account Updater feature keeps your donor’s payment information up to date.
When this is enabled, the Payment Gateway will talk to the Bank, and the Bank replies back with any updates that have been made to the card. For example, has the card been reported stolen or is the card expired and what is the replacement information? The Account Updater feature keeps all credit card data up to date with the Payment Gateway.

Why do we love the Account Updater?

The Account Updater feature eliminates the biggest reason for losing monthly donors...Failed Payments.

When a donor gets a new credit card, they don’t have to remember all the places they need to go and make updates, including your organization. The Account Updater collects updated information and passes it along to the Payment Gateway. When the next month’s payment is charged on your Givecloud site...Success!

What is the cost?

The cost of the Account Updater will vary depending on your Payment Gateway. You can expect no upfront cost, and the Account Updater will be a per-record cost. What this means is that you will be charged for the records that have been updated, not the entire number of cards you have on file with your gateway. For example, if only 3 cards need updates this month, you will be charged for the 3 records only. A minimal cost for the comfort in knowing you can count on the success of your recurring donations. For a complete breakdown of costs associated with Account Updater, speak with your Payment Gateway.

This sounds great. How do I set up Account Updater?

Account Updater must first be enabled with your Payment Gateway. Once this is done, you will need to enable the Account Updater on your Givecloud site.

  1. Head to Settings & Admin > Payment Gateways

  2. Select your Payment Gateway

  3. Enable Account Updater

  4. Don’t forget to click ‘Update Information.’

  5. You are all set to go!

How often does the Account Updater run?

By default, the Account Updater runs Monthly (1st of each month) in your payment gateway. To change the frequency, you will need to visit the settings in your payment gateway. Updates to payment methods typically show up within 3-7 days in your gateway after the account updater runs. In addition, Givecloud polls the payment gateway on a nightly basis for any updated payment methods.

Only supported by these Payment Gateways:

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