We always recommend you use Givecloud's automated recurring payments to process recurring payments made through Givecloud.

When Givecloud processes recurring payments:

  • profiles are automatically charged and pledges are automatically updated

  • automated reminders and notifications can be setup so that managing recurring monthly giving is substantially hassle-free

  • notifications contain instant login links (no password required) to manage their giving or fix errors

  • supporters can manage their recurring amount and saved payment methods

  • failed payments are flagged as suspended - and automatically reactivated when either:
    a) the supporter fixes their own profile (because of an automated notification), or
    b) the profile updater automatically updates the cards

  • (Child Sponsorship) - sponsorship metrics are kept up to date based on the successes and failures of payments

  • (Membership) - renewals are automatically processed when an automated renewal payment is processed

  • all pledge reporting can still be done in DP

  • receipting can still be done in DP

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