Let's say you have an online store where you want customers to purchase multiple items easily. By default, product pages only have the 'add to cart' button. This gives them the option to add a product to cart and proceed to checkout easily.

If you want them to purchase multiple products with ease, we have the option to add an 'alternate button.' This 'alternate button' will add the current product to cart and redirect to a specified URL.

To add an alternate button:

  1. Head to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items.

  2. Click on the item you want to add the alternate button to.

  3. Scroll down to the 'Add-To' Buttons' section.

  4. Enter a label for your button & set the URL the button should take you to.

  5. Scroll up & click save!

Ways to use an alternate button:

  1. Some organizations like to enter the same URL of the page they're editing so that when the button is clicked, it adds the item to the cart and refreshes the page so another can be added. This is good for event registrations where you need to collect registration details for each registrant (rather than adding a quantity of 10 to the cart and only collecting the registration details for the person paying).

  2. Other's use it as more of an upsell feature - e.g. 'Add to Cart & Add Additional Donation' and then link through to a donation page. If you do it this way, you need to make sure the donation page is also add-to-cart-style, as they need to end up in the cart to pay for both items. If they end up on a one-page donation form and make a donation on that page, the initial item they added to the cart will be left in their cart.

  3. Another way to use it could add something like "Add & Continue Shopping" and then link that button back to your main online store page. This will allow people to add a product to their cart and redirect them to your online store to continue shopping before checking out. 

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