Givecloud allows multi-national nonprofits to create a unified brand and giving experience across all their currencies and subsidiaries.

  • Supporters can contribute in their local currency

  • Customize the giving experience based on their country

  • We support, Stripe, PaySafe and NMI for the best multi-currency support

Supported Countries & Currencies

We support 30+ countries and 135+ currencies through our supported payment processors.

No Multi-Lingual Support

At the moment, Givecloud works best in English-speaking countries.  You can create pages or blog posts in different languages, however, all of Givecloud's built-in forms, messages and portals are designed in English.

One Organization Supporting Multiple Currencies

If you have multiple registered nonprofits around the globe, scroll down to the section on A Global Organization with Multiple Entities.

Givecloud makes it easy for your organization to support contributions from around the world in many currencies.  This ability depends on the payment processor you've selected.  The easiest payment processors to use with multi-currency are Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout as the setup is completely automated.  We also support SafeSave,, PaySafe and NMI - all requiring a special configuration at the payment gateway.

👉To enable multi-currency, you'll need to request this feature from Givecloud through email ( or Live Chat.

A Global Organization with Multiple Entities

If you are a nonprofit with registered legal entities around the globe, Givecloud might be the perfect fit.  For example, you may be a nonprofit with registered nonprofit entities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  In this example, you may want to create a unified experience for all supporters, however, each supporter needs to be aware they are giving to their local legal entity in their local currency.

Option 1: A Single Givecloud Account with Shared Regional Data

Our platform allows you to customize the content on key payment screens when a certain currency or country is selected allowing you to make it clear to the supporter that their contribution is being directed to their local nonprofit entity.

Option 2: Multiple Givecloud Accounts with Segmented Regional Data

Alternatively, Givecloud allows you to setup multiple accounts - one for each region in which you've setup legal entities.  This allows each region to maintain their own siloed payment and supporter profiles while still providing a globally unified brand experience for your supporters.  This also prevents staff from other regions from interacting with data from other regions.

👉To discuss multiple accounts, reach out to our support team via email ( or Live Chat.

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