Linked Variants give you the power to force certain items to be paid for together. Here's some examples:

  • Include free merchandise with your monthly giving program - $0 Hat or Bracelet could automatically be added to the payment, queued for shipping and fulfillment.
  • Force certain material to be included when someone registers for a class.
  • Bundle media items together to be sold as a value-add package.

Pricing Your Bundle

There are two different ways to price your bundle.

Set the Bundled Price

You can set the price of the entire bundle.  In doing so, GiveCloud does not know the value of any individual item in the bundle, just that the entire bundle is $x.

Set the Price of Individual Items

You can set the price of each individual item in the bundle.  In this scenario, GiveCloud will understand the value associated with each item so that you can keep track of where your sales revenue, accounting and refunds.

Setting Up a Bundle

  1. Be sure you've created each one of the items that will exist in your package as separate items in your GiveCloud account.  For example, if you are selling a book and a hat together, make sure the book and the hat already exist.
  2. Click to Sell & Fundraise > Items > New to create a new product for the bundle.  Give the bundle a name.
  3. Under Options, click on the Default Option.  Name the option.  Depending on how you want to price your bundle, either enter the bundled price, or wait to set a price to each item in the bundle.
  4. Click on the Bundles tab.  Find the first item you want in the bundle, set the quantity and optionally set it's value in the bundle.  Be sure the click the green ➕button to add each variant to the bundle.
  5. Click the blue Add button, then the green Save button in the top right corner.

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