Primary Impact

A supporter's primary impact refers to how much they have given directly to your organization. This includes:

  • One-time and recurring contributions

  • Purchases of physical products

  • Event registrations

  • Membership purchases

Secondary Impact

A supporter's secondary impact refers to how much a supporter has helped raised towards your organization. This also includes site visits and mailing list signups that they have helped generate using their referral link. This includes:

  • Fundraising pages (peer-to-peer)

  • Sharing your campaign or website on social media, through email, or SMS for their friends and family to donate.

How it works

When a supporter is logged into their profile, a unique referral code specific to the supporter is automatically attached to each social sharing link. When they share that link with their referral code and someone donates through that link, the donation is counted towards their secondary impact.

My Impact

When a supporter logs into the donor portal, they can see an overview of their primary and secondary impact under the' My Impact' section. They can also get their shareable links here as well. You can enable 'My Impact' in the donor portal in Settings > Supporter Preferences. Under the Donor Portal Features section, enable View Giving Impact.

How do I report on supporter impact?

In the left menu, go to Reports > Impact by Supporter to report on a supporter's impact. This will give you a breakdown of both their primary and secondary impact.

You can add sharing links to your site using the sharing links shortcode.


This will result in sharing links like this on your site:

You can also customize the shortcode using the parameters.

[sharing_links url="/donate" title="Give to Owl's Eye" description="You're gonna love this" channels="facebook,twitter,linkedin,sms" hideicon="no" hidetext="yes"]

This will result in sharing links like this on your site:

Additional shortcode parameters:

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