If you are selling shippable items in your online store, you will need to ship and fulfill your contributions that contain shippable items.

First, you need to setup your shipping costs so customers can choose a shipping method during checkout.

All contributions that are placed on your online store land in your contribution inbox (Contributions in the left menu).

You can filter for all shippable contributions using the filter on the contribution screen.

You can then print the packing slips to place inside of your packages by either clicking into each contribution and printing the packing slips individually or by selecting multiple contributions and bulk printing the packing slips.

GiveCloud does not print shipping labels.

To print your shipping labels, you can use your account on the carrier website to login and enter the information for each label and print them individually. Eg, if you are using rated shipping and pulling in live shipping rates from USPS, you would need to login to your USPS account to enter the info for your contributions and print your labels.

Typically organizations that do a low volume of shippable contributions use this method.

If your organization does a high volume of shippable contributions, it is recommended that you use our integration with ShipStation to streamline your fulfilment process. ShipStation also allows for printing shipping labels.

Once you've prepared your contributions for shipping or they've been shipped, you can then mark the contribution as complete so you know that they have been fulfilled.

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