Givecloud allows you to create event registration forms and sell tickets effortlessly. Whether you have an upcoming Gala, Golf tournament or free webinar or class, you can use Givecloud to capture the registrant's information, create tickets and check-in attendees.

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Creating an Event Registration Form

How to Add a Ticket Option using Price and Options

Add a Category

Complete Item Settings With Options

Adding an Alternate Button

Adding Custom Fields to Capture Attendee Information

Editing the Event Fields

Customize the URL

Additional Settings for DonorPerfect Users

Creating an Event Registration Form

  1. Go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items.

  2. Select + Add in the upper-right-hand corner. If you wish to use one of our preset templates, select the + Add dropdown, then select or tab to + Event Ticket (cart).

  3. After selecting the +Add button, the item page will open. Add a Name, Photo and Summary for your registration page. The summary field can be used to inspire your supporters to join. Keep your summary limited to one or two sentences max.

  4. Under Page Layout, select the 'Event Registration' layout on the right-hand panel.

  5. Then begin to add the ticket options under the Price & Options section.

How to Add a Ticket Option using Price and Options

Next, you will set your Price and Options. Registration forms can include all your ticket options, or a registration page can be set up for each ticket option. If attendance is limited for your event, you may want to have all your ticket options on a single item.

  1. Select + Add Option.

  2. Add the name of the option, such as Sponsorship.

  3. Set the Payment to One-time.

  4. Change the Price Type to Fixed.

  5. Set the Price. Optional: set a Fair Market Value if a portion of the ticket is tax receiptable.

  6. Set your primary ticket type as default by selecting Set As Default in the bottom left-hand corner.

  7. Once complete, Select Add.

Continue steps under you have added all options. Then select Save in the upper-right hand corner.

Add a Category

If you have an existing category for your event, you can add your registration page to this category. If you wish to create a new category, save your process by selecting the Save button in the upper-right-hand corner, and go to Features > Website > Categories. Learn more about Categories.

Complete Item Settings with Options

Under the Options panel, we recommend the following settings for registration forms,

Show on Website: By making the registration form accessible on your website, supporters can purchase tickets and share the event page with friends and family.

Show on POS: By making the registration form accessible on your virtual Point of Sales, your team can help your supporters purchase or register for the event in-person, by mail and over the phone. Learn more about Givecloud's Virtual Point of Sale.

Hide Quantity: If you wish to collect details for individual attendees, select 'Hide Qty.' This will require supporters to add the information of each attendee. We recommend adding an alternative button to create the best workflow.

Enable Social buttons: Social buttons allow your supporters to share the event page on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If the supporter wishes to share the site via Instagram, they can copy the URL and add the URL to their Instagram profile.

Enable Event Check-ins: Event Check-in creates a check-in list for the event. Learn more about event check-in.

Allow Tax Receipts (Optional): If the ticket is tax-deductible, you can easily enable tax receipting on your event page. Learn more about Tax Receipts.

Allow Donor Covers Cost: This allows the supporter to cover the cost of running your online fundraising experience. Learn more about Donor Covers Cost.

Adding an Alternate Button

We recommend adding an alternate button to create a straightforward ticket purchasing journey for your supporters if you hide the quantity.

To add an alternate button,

  1. Go to 'Add-To' Buttons

  2. Add a Label. You can label this button whatever you like.

  3. Add the Item URL. For the best results, ensure the item loops back to the registration page by pasting the URL. You can Save the Item you are working on to grab the URL at the top of the page.

Adding Custom Fields to Capture Attendee Information

Create as many custom fields as you like to collect the information you need for the event registration page. Some standard custom fields used for golf events are attendee(s) name, attendee(s) email, or meal preferences.

To add a Custom Field,

  1. Select the 'Custom Fields' on the left-hand panel.

  2. Click the 'Add Input Field' button.

  3. Configure each custom field according to your needs. To learn more about the different custom field options, check out our help article, Add Custom Fields to your Form.

  4. Sequence - This allows you to set the arrangement of the form fields on the screen.

  5. Name - The name or label of the field on the Form.

  6. Type - The type of input field to use.

  7. Is Required - Determines whether or not the user MUST fill out this form field. If you make a checkbox required, the user MUST check it to submit the Form.

  8. Map to DPO Gift UDF - Givecloud can take user input and push it into custom Gift UDF fields in DonorPerfect.

  9. Don't see your UDFs in the list? Send a list of your organization's specific UDFs to, and we will connect them.

  10. Options - This only displays when Type is Select Box. This allows you to define all your select box options. Each option must be separated with a new line.

  11. Click the 'Save' button in the top right corner.

Editing the Event Fields

Select Event Fields on the left-hand panel to add event-specific information such as the date, time, location. Once complete, save the changes.

Customize the URL

After you save the item, a URL for the item is created. Preview the URL in the upper-left-hand corner. Customize the URL by selecting the pencil icon beside the URL.

A pop-up will appear, where you can customize the URL to the registration form. Adjust the URL and Save.

Use this URL to share on social media accounts, add to your email marketing, and link to your site. To add an item to your main menu on Givecloud, check out our help article, Menus.

Additional Settings for DonorPerfect Users

if you use DonorPerfect, you will want to add your specific item designations and DPO code information. To learn more about adding your DonorPerfect item designations, check out our help article DonorPerfect: Creating Gifts.

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