Split fund donation pages allow you to set up a donation page for your supporters to donate to multiple funds. Split fund donation pages are designed for convenience - an easy way for supporters to give to multiple funds with all the donation and payment information on a single page.

Attributes of a split fund donation page:

  • donate to multiple funds

  • preset amounts for donations (and allow supporters to be able to enter a custom amount)

  • allow for one time or recurring donations (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually), 

  • allow supporters to leave a note with their donation

  • option for supporters to cover the processing fees of their donation

  • all payment and billing information on a single page

  • referral source (ask the question 'How'd you hear about us?' )(optional)

Here's an example of a split fund donation page

Split fund donation pages are unique as it requires setting up multiple items and a page as well. Don't worry. We'll walk you through it! Check out this video on creating a split fund donation page.

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