Photo Slider

[posts style="carousel-images" type="1"]

Use a photo slider shortcode to display images in a scrolling banner.

  1. Your first step is to create a feed. You can do this in Features > Website > Feeds & Blogs.

  2. Click the '+Add' button in the top right, name the feed whatever you like, and make sure the type selected is 'Carousel Images.'

  3. Then, go to Features > Website > Feeds & Blogs. You'll then see the feed you just created in the list - click into it.

  4. Click the green '+Add' button to add a post. You will need to add each image as an individual post. 

  5. Upload the image and make sure the status is set to online and hit Save in the top right. You can optionally use the other available settings to put a headline or summary on the image and a call to action button.

  6. Once you've uploaded all of your images, go back to the main page of your feed that displays all of the posts you just uploaded (Features > Website > Feeds & Blogs), then click on the feed that you created.

  7. Grab the feed id from the URL, you'll need this to insert the shortcode where you would like it to display

  8. Now to insert the photo slider into a content section. For this example, we will insert it into a static page. Click the 'Add Template' button, then select 'Smart Codes' and choose the 'Photo Slider'

  9. This will insert a shortcode into the page into the content area. Replace the number after 'type' with the number you just copied from the URL. e.g. [posts style="carousel-images" type="1"] now becomes [posts style="carousel-images" type="7"]

N.B. The images will display as full width x variable height. So, if it's not within a container, it will be full width of the page and scale the height proportionally. If it's within a container, it will be full width of the container and scale the height proportionally. It recommended that you upload the same size images so that the photo slider is uniformed.

Marquee Images

[posts style="marquee-images" type="5" limit="6"]

Follow the same steps as above for creating the feed. Insert the 'Scrolling Posts: Gallery' template.

You may want to limit the number of posts/images you want to display in the marquee - you can do this as above by replacing 'limit="6"' with the number of posts you have created.

N.B. The marquee shortcode uses a  fixed width of 300pixels and scales the height accordingly.

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