• Track the supporter's device, browser and operating system

  • Track the website the supporter was on before visiting your Givecloud site or form

  • Track "How you heard about us."

  • Track and store UTM or analytics data from customized URLs

Why is Supporter Acquisition Data?

It's important to understand why your fundraising is growing or shrinking.  The more data you can collect about each interaction a supporter has with your organization, the better you'll be able to detect patterns in the ebbs and flows of your fundraising.  Imagine being able to clearly and quickly identify a high-value source of fundraising and quickly take action!

Collecting Acquisition Data

For the most part, Givecloud is doing this for you automatically.  Givecloud will automatically collect:

  • Device information

  • Operating system information

  • Referring website

  • IP address geography

For collecting Referral Sources (How did you hear about us?), you'll need to setup the Referral Source feature.

Collecting UTM Data

You can add the following codes to your links and have them automatically added to your acquisition data.

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

  • utm_term

  • utm_content

For example, let's say your giving form is https://myorg.com/give, and a radio station wants to share the link on their website.  You could stash a Source UTM code in the link to track your donations back to the radio station like this: https://myorg.com/give?utm_source=wxyz-radio.  You can learn more about UTM's through Google Analytics. Here's a nifty tool for building custom campaign URLs.

Viewing Acquisition Data

Individual Contributions

Every contribution or donation you receive will have its acquisition data clearly displayed under the payment panel.


Most reports will have filters for each of the acquisition data points.

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