Suppose you have 2 items. Both are offered for sale on your online store, both have their own inventory and are priced differently, but you want to offer a "bundle" of those items at a special price.

Let's look at a practical example.

You have a book for sale in your store for $20. You also have a t-shirt for sale in your store for $15. You may want to offer your customers a package deal of a "T-shirt + Book" for $30. Here's how you'd go about setting up the bundle.

First, we'll set up a new item or variant for our bundle. In this case, we'll create a new item and name it "Book and T-shirt package" ( you can name it whatever you like). 

Then, we need to create the bundle and set the prices in the "Price & Options" of the item.

Click on "Bundles" in the left of the popup to get the options for adding the items that we want to bundle. Start typing in the name of the item, and it will show up in the list. Select it, add the price and click the green plus button to add it. In this case, we'll add the book and the t-shirt and set the prices of each to $15. This will give the total bundled price of $30. 

On your site, your customers will only see the 'bundled' price of $30 when viewing the item and adding it to the cart.

When viewing the contributions in the admin section, you will see the cost of the individual items and the total of the bundle.

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