The GiveCloud Advantage 🚀

How do we do it?  Plainly - we've built better technology than what's currently available on the market at a lower cost and with no compromises.  Since we incur fewer expenses, we're able to price GiveCloud to keep more money in your pocket.

We are the only fundraising software on the market that covers such a wide featureset.  Even so, we're still more affordable than solutions that only provide one or two of the tools you need to succeed as a charity.

  • Get Marketing + Payments + Automation in a single tool built for charities (finally!)
  • Scale with unlimited records, storage and messages (no surprises as you grow)
  • Save at least 40% per year (up to 400%) in platform fees compared to the other guys

➕PLUS, with GiveCloud, you will:

1.25% or Less

Depending on how much you process, you could be eligible for an even lower rate through our Enterprise Plans.  Generally, you'd see a reduction in fees as you process $60,000/mon and beyond.

Our Competitors

  • Whether you are aware of it or not, you're paying 2% to 5% more than you should for payment processing because of buried fees and dated, expensive technology
  • If you are sure you aren't paying platform fees, consider this:
    It costs banks in the US and Canadian around 1.1% (averaged across all the types of payments charities collect) to process your electronic payments.  In the EU, it's as low as 0.15%.  How much are you paying?  Your service provider is burying their fee in your processing.
  • You're losing money because of dated forms, failing payments, and backlogs of manual labour keeping you from nurturing donor relationships
  • You're not focused on growth because you spend too much time managing separate systems and reconciling data
  • You're paying higher subscription fees as you grow because of per-contact pricing across the multiple software subscriptions you use

Frequently Asked Questions

When are transaction fees billed?
Transaction fees are billed on the 10th of the following month.  For example, your transaction fee charges in June would be billed on July 10th.

How are transaction fees billed?
Transaction fees are automatically debited from either a bank account or credit card on file.

What if I don't have a credit card or bank account to put on file?
At the moment, we don't have the systems in place to do manual invoicing of transaction fees.

What types of payments do transaction fees apply to?
Anytime GiveCloud is handles an electronic form of payment, it is subject to a transaction fee. For example, fees apply to credit card payments, ACH or direct debit payments, and PayPal payments.  Fees would not apply to offline forms of payment like cash or check payments.

How are transaction fees on refunded orders handled?

If the refund happens in the same month as the order then no transaction fee is billed for that order. If the refund happens in a subsequent month a credit is applied to the next transaction fee invoice.

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