Build deeper engagement with your supporters and streamline your supporter management by customizing the Donor Portal.

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Customize the Donor Portal Experience

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Accessing the Donor Portal

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CRM integrations

Features and Benefits

Using the donor portal, supporters can:

  • Create a profile with your organization.

  • Easily manage their data and reset their password.

  • Login and view their account details, such as contribution history, profile details

  • Create secure content only available to specific groups or members through the donor portal.

  • Automatically apply discounts to select groups of supporters.

  • If you have enabled a CRM integration, Givecloud can display information directly from your CRM in the Donor Portal. For example, historical giving.

Customize the Donor Portal Experience

Givecloud allows you full control over what features you wish to include in the donor portal experience.

For example, if you want to allow the supporter to view their sponsorships, or membership level, and more.

To customize the Donor Portal, go to Settings > Supporter Preferences > Donor Portal. Then use the checkbox feature to select or unselect features. Don't forget to Save the changes.

The following donor portal features are available,

Profile & Adress

  • View Profile (Name & Email)

  • View Billing Address

  • View Shipping Address

  • Change Profile (Name & Email)

  • Change Billing Address

  • Change Shipping Address

  • View Purchased Media

Payments & Receipts

  • View Past Donations/Contributions

  • View Tax Receipts

  • View Giving Impact


  • View Pledges

Payment Methods

  • View Payment Methods

  • Change Payment Methods

  • Delete Default Payment Method


  • View Sponsorships

  • End Sponsorships


  • View Memberships


  • View Fundraisers

  • Edit Fundraisers

Recurring Payment

  • View Recurring Payments

  • End Recurring Payments

  • Change Recurring Payment Amount

  • Change Recurring Payment Date

  • Change Recurring Payment Frequency

Creating a Profile

Before a supporter can use the portal, they will need to have a profile.  There are several ways for your supporters to create a profile.

Create a Profile When Making a Contribution

While the supporter is filling out a donation or checkout form, they will be asked to create a password for their profile, optionally.  If they choose to do so, they will be instantly logged in to their profile after the payment is completed.  They can access their profile at any time.

Create a Profile Manually

If you have the "Top Bar" with the "My Account" link enabled on your website, a supporter can create a profile by clicking the "My Account" link and selecting "Create an Account" button.

If you do not have this enabled, they can always head to your website, and add /account/register to the end of the URL - e.g.

It will ask for their:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email

  • ZIP / Postal

  • Password

Accessing the Donor Portal

Your supporters must login to access the donor portal.  In order to login, a supporter must know their email and password.  If they do not know their password, they can still access their profile by resetting their password.

Accessing With a Password

  1. Typically, have your supporters look for a 'My Account' link in the header with the drop-down a Login panel.

  2. Advise your supporters to enter the email they use when making a contribution and their password, then hit "Login."

Accessing Without a Password

  1. Advise your supporters to visit your password reset page. This is typically

  2. Instruct your supporters to enter their email address, then hit "Reset Password."  This will send them a link to their email, where they can reset their password.  Before they can click through the portal, they will be asked to create a new password. For security purposes, the link they click from their email will expire after only a couple of hours.

Donor Portal Screen


A supporter will have a home screen they can use to see a holistic view of their profile.

My Profile

Supporters can view and (optionally) edit their first name, last name, email, password, billing address, shipping address, contact settings and (if enabled) their membership level.

My History

Supporters can review all their payment history and review contribution invoices and statuses.

My Tax Receipts

Supporters can review individual and annual tax receipts as PDFs for print or download, on-demand.

My Sponsorships (Child Sponsorship Only)

Supporters who sponsor a child can review all the children they sponsor and view their child's timeline.

My Payment Methods

Supporters can review all their saved payment methods (including credit cards, bank accounts, etc.). They can add and remove additional payment methods.

My Recurring Payments

Supporters can view any automated recurring payments and (optionally) adjust the amount, frequency, date, number of occurrences and end date.

Limiting Donor Portal Access & Permissions

You can limit what supporters can view and access through your donor portal.

  1. Go to Settings > Supporter Preferences.

  2. Scroll to the 'Donor Portal Features' panel and use the on-screen prompts to adjust the settings as you see fit.

  3. Hit 'Save' in the top right corner.

Automated Donor Portal Notifications

There are automated communications that Givecloud can send to the supporter that will genuinely appear as though you sent them.

  • When a profile is first created, your supporter can receive a "Welcome!" email.  You may use this opportunity to welcome them to an exclusive social group, inform them on how to navigate their portal, or let them know about exclusive content or discounts they now have access to.

  • When a supporter updates their profile, a supporter can receive a "Your profile has changed" email.  This email outlines the updates the supporter made and confirms they were saved.  Hint: You may want a key staff member BCC'd on this type of email - to keep track of the types of updates your supporters are making.

CRM Integrations

When you have connected Givecloud to your CRM, we will automatically talk back and forth to your primary CRM database to show the correct information to your supporters.

If an existing supporter from your CRM tries to create a profile through your Givecloud registration or payment pages, Givecloud will silently link up the supporter using our Donor Matching Intelligence.

Viewing CRM Profile and Historical Data

Once Givecloud has linked up a supporter from your CRM to a profile in Givecloud, that supporter will be able to view all their profile and historical data from your CRM through the Donor Portal.  Further, they can optionally be permitted to update that information, which will automatically update your CRM.

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