For event check-in using a QR code, you need to set up a custom automated email that sends a QR code to attendees that can be used to check in to the event. You have a couple of different options for how you want the tickets to be handled.

I want the person who is paying to receive all of the tickets/QR codes

I want each attendee to receive their ticket/QR code via email

Checking in with a QR Code

Manual Check-In

I want the person who is paying to receive all of the tickets/QR codes

Go to Communicate on your left-hand navigation panel, then click New Automated Email.

Set the ‘Email Trigger’ to Product Purchase and then link the product to your ticket.

Fill out the email body with the information you please, and then add the merge tag for the QR code. You can find this on the merge tag cheat sheet at the bottom of the email screen.

If you leave the email 'To' as [[bill_email]], an email with a QR code will be sent out for each ticket purchased to the person paying for the tickets/to the billing email provided.

I want each attendee to receive their ticket/QR code via email

If you are signing up a group or purchasing multiple tickets and would like to send the email/QR code to each attendee, you will need to set up some custom fields on the product/registration form.

To do this, go to Features > Sell & Fundraise > Items on the left-hand menu and then click on your ticket. Ensure Hide Quantity is selected (this will ensure that the custom field information is entered for each attendee).

It's also essential to make sure Enable Check-in is selected on the right-hand panel.

Because you've hidden the quantity, you may want to add an alternate button that allows someone to add a ticket to the cart and then refreshes the page, which clears the custom fields to allow them to purchase another ticket and enter new details. You can label this button whatever you like, but you need to make sure that the URL links back to the same page.

Next, click the custom fields tab. Then, click + Add Input Field - you need to add one to collect the attendee email and a second one to collect the attendee name.

Click save and then head back to Communicate > All Automated Emails to the custom email you created. 

As you set up the first custom field to collect the attendee email, you can now replace the [[bill_email]] merge tag in the 'To' field with [[custom_field_01]], which will mean it will send the email to that email address.

You can also use the merge tag [[custom_field_02]] to personalize the email with the attendee name - e.g. "Dear [[custom_field_02]]........."

Checking in with a QR Code

On the day of your event, you do not need a specific app to check attendees in, and you can scan using any QR scanner. Once the QR code has been scanned, it will pull up a page in Givecloud for you to confirm - click “Check-In.” This check-in data will then be reflected in Givecloud.

NB: If you have volunteers checking people in, they will need to sign in to an account in Givecloud before they can do so. If you don't want to set up multiple users, you can set up generic users under Settings > Users and have multiple volunteers log in under that user.  However, you'll lose user auditing (let's say someone messes up someone's record, it'd be good to know WHO did it, rather than just knowing that Volunteer User 1 did it.

Manual Check-In

Alternatively, you can sign-in attendees manually via your site by finding the Reports tab on your left-hand navigation panel and then the Event Check-Ins tab underneath that. You can use the Look Up feature in the top right-hand corner to search the attendee by name.

Or you could also click on the ticket type that the attendee purchased, and it would bring up a database of all of the attendees who have purchased that particular ticket type. 

There is a Quick Search box on the top right-hand corner to search for the attendee by name. Once you have found them, click on the little magnifying glass icon, and it will take you to a check-in page.

Select Check-in Now, and then you are all set.

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