• Make donating a breeze for your donors with a secure, self-serve donation kiosk
  • Process payments anywhere there is internet - no wires or power required 🔌🙅‍♀️
  • Look more professional when you customize your logo, colors, fonts, images, buttons, text and workflow easily and without coding or setup fees 🤩
  • Draw attention and communicate impact with a video screensaver that displays while the kiosk is inactive 🎬
  • Accept more payments including Credit, Visa Debit, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Interac (Canada only - Spring 2020)
  • Build a better relationship with your donors by making their donations instantly visible in the donor portal or by texting 'my giving' (customizable) to your text-to-give number
  • Eliminate admin hassles and increase reporting accuracy with a realtime sync to your CRM 🎉

When Would I Use a Donation Kiosk?

  • Better Events - Make giving a breeze at your next gala by setting up an unmanned donation kiosk at the entrance or in a private corner where those major donors can make true on their commitment to give that $40,000 gift. 💰
  • Better Giving in Church - Set up a giving kiosk in the lobby of your place of worship and create an easier, more private method of setting up a recurring tithe or offering directly from their bank account
  • More Opportunities - Partner with a local business with a kiosk that promotes your cause and accepts donations right in the place of business
  • Better Attractions - Make your zoo or museum's showcase attraction more compelling with an interactive video kiosk where visitors can sponsor or fund a special project
  • See it in action with this video demo. 🎬

Getting Started

There's a couple steps required to launching your first donation kiosk.

  1. Make sure you are set up with the right payment gateway.
  2. Make sure to order a swiper or EMV device ($80 to $350 each, links below).
  3. Purchase your own iPad stand or secure enclosure ($200 to $600 each or more, links below).
  4. Setup and design a Kiosk in GiveCloud.
  5. Install and launch the iPad Kiosk app.

iPad Support Only

To provide the best experience for your donors, the iPad Donation Kiosk is only compatible with 2015 Apple iPad devices or later including iPad Pro's and iPad Air's.  There is no prefered iPad model.  Choose the format that works best for you and your environment.

Sorry, no iPhone support or Android support at the moment.

Supported Payment Gateways

Currently, our Kiosk requires you connect one of the following payment gateways:

  • NMI (US/CA)
  • SafeSave (US/CA)
  • PaySafe (US/CA/EU/AU)

Buy Your Card Swiper or EMV Device

You can purchase your payment device directly from GiveCloud (supported and warrantied by GiveCloud) or purchase your payment device from a third party.

A Chip/Pin/Tap EMV device will give you the most security and the most modern payment options including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Interac.  Expect to pay between $200-350 per device, depending on your location and the device.

When using NMI or SafeSave, you'll require the Miura M010 device, ordered through GiveCloud (COMING SOON)

When using PaySafe, you'll require the Hand Point HiLite device, ordered through PaySafe.

Card Swiper

A simple card swiper is only $80 through GiveCloud and works the same on all supported payment gateways.  We use the ID Tech iMag Pro II.  However, it does not support Chip/Pin/Tap, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Interac.

Buy an iPad Stand or Secure Enclosure

Expect to pay $300-600 per device you want to set up.

Installing the iPad App

Currently, the kiosk app is not available in the Apple Store.  Your device must be confirmed by GiveCloud and registered to work with the app before it can be downloaded for use.

  1. Visit the iPad App access screen.
  2. Click "Find Your UDID", copy the ID you see and send it to GiveCloud support.  It will take 24-48hrs to verify your device.
  3. Once your device has been verified, download the latest version of the app by clicking the Install button at the top of the access screen.

Setup Your Kiosk

  1. To set up your kiosk go to the left hand navigation and select 'Kiosks' and then 'Create'.
  2. Enter a name for your kiosk and select the product you wish to create the kiosk for. If you wish to set it up for a new product, you must first set this up in your items (Sell & Fundraise > Items) so that DP integration can be configured.

3. Make sure the kiosk is enabled and select the amount of minutes before a transaction should time out if inactive.

4. Select the product and checkout features you would like, including if you would like to enable recurring payments and amount presets.

5. You can enable custom fields if you wish. These can be edited under your product in Sell & Fundraise > Items

6. The theme tab lets you edit the way your kiosk looks - color scheme etc.

7. Your splash screen is the home page that will be displayed on the kiosk app on your iPad. Here you can add any text that you like, you may even want to add your company logo. You will also want to make sure this is enabled.

8. The checkout screen is exactly that - the screen your donors will see when they go to checkout. You can fill these fields out as you please.

9. Once you have filled all of this information in, click save.

10. Sign in on the app on your iPad. You will be asked for your domain (e.g. https//domain.givecloud.co), your username and password. Your username and password are the same ones you use to log on to your site.

Your kiosk should be good to go!

N.b. Any time you make a change and want it to be reflected on the app, you will need to log out and close the app, then re open it and log back in.

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