Connecting SafeSave to your Givecloud account allows for a completely seamless integration between your Givecloud account, payment processing and your DonorPerfect account.

Request from DonorPerfect that your SafeSave account be setup, create an API Key, and connect it to Givecloud.

Creating Your API Key

  1. Login to your SafeSave account here:

  2. Under the main menu, look for Options > Settings.

  3. Under Security Options, click Security Keys.

  4. At the top of the screen should be a 'Generate a New Security Key' panel.  Give the key a name (perhaps 'GIVECLOUD', but it's not important what you name it).  Select a user who has the most permissions to ensure Givecloud can perform all the necessary operations.  Check both API and Cart options.  Click Create New Key.

  5. Copy that key to your clipboard or somewhere safe.

Connecting SafeSave to Givecloud

  1. In Givecloud, go to Settings > Payment Gateway.

  2. Click the 'Edit' button next to 'SafeSave Payments'.

  3. Complete the appropriate steps on this screen and enable your SafeSave account.  When asked for the API key, use the key you generated above.

  4. Click 'Update Information', and be sure to enable the gateway in the top right corner.

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