What is a Payment Processor, and how does it work?

When you set up your Givecloud site, you will need to connect your Payment Processor's gateway.

The Payment Gateway you have set up will encrypt the payment card information and look after processing all charges. Givecloud gets a unique id token to ask the Payment Gateway to process a specific card.

Givecloud communicates with the Payment Gateway, and then the Payment Gateway communicates with the Bank. (Givecloud never stores any credit card data or communicates directly with the bank)

Supported Payment Processors

Givecloud supports a wide range of payment processors.

Natively, we support SafeSave (US), PaySafe, Auth.net, GoCardless (EU), Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout.

For an additional $0.15/transaction, we support nearly 3,000 other payment processors through our NMI integration.

Transaction Fees

Givecloud charges a processing fee on all payments to help cover the cost of security, automation and donor communications. Learn more about our transaction fees and plans. Transaction fees also allow Givecloud to automatically scale its service level and infrastructure to meet your organization's demands as your fundraising scales - all without impacting your subscription level.

Enterprise customers pay a reduced fee based on their volume.

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